Levinas and … – Simon Critchley

Levinas and… – Simon Critchley

Simon Critchley – Levinas and…

Spring 2013

1.- January 30: – Levinas’s philosophical biography as an intellectual history of 20th Century French philosophy

2.- February 6: Levinas’s philosophical method cont’d

3.- February 13: Leaving the climate of Heidegger’s thinking, but not for a philosophy that would be pre-Heideggerian

4.- February 20: More on Levinas and Kant

5.- February 27: Levinas Reflections on the Philosophy of Hitlerism, The Understanding od Spirituality in French and German Culture and the first part of Levinas’s relation to Hegel.

6.- March 6: Levinas and Hegel’s Rechtsphilosophie – henology and pluralism – the plurality of being – philosophy, the state and anarchy – the history of philosophy as the history of the face – separation and the absolute relation – the critique of recognition – the curvature of intersubjective space – defending the concept of creation – excursus on Benjamin.

7.- March 13: Reprise of early Levinas – Ethics and ontology – Same and Other – autre and autrui – against digestive philosophy – Passage to later Levinas – the problem of ontological language – Derrida’s intervention – the innovations of Otherwise than Being… – the Saying and the Said

8.- April 3: Levinas’s relation to psychoanalysis in relation to his theory of the subject in ‘substitution’.

9.- April 10 Violence and nonviolence

10.- April 17 The relation of ethics to politics in Levinas – the official view: the Bible and the Greeks – the unofficial version: Levinas’s Achilles’heel – five problems in Levinas’s view of politics.

11.- April 24. Levinas’s politics by considering the following themes: anarchic meta-politics – Abensour’s intervention and Ranciere’s notions of dissensus and politic and Politics in Levinas read by Derrida a hiatus: Introduction a deconstructive reading in Derrida’s Violence and Metaphysics

12.- May First.- Violence and Metaphysics and At this Very Moment in this Work Here I Am

13.- May 8 .- Last Class On Escape which also “Beyond the face” from Totality and Infinity; Irigarary’s on Levinas and ‘The song of songs’ also known as ‘The song of Solomon’. (special thanks to Hakeem Gadi for this recording)

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